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Three Sisters In Scarlet

John Scalzi's challenge this week is: Make a moody picture.

Here's mine:


I took this photo of the moon over the cemetery in October. I didn't use a timer, or a filter, or a flash -- only the light from the moon. I like the way the three trees stand together like sisters.

Thanks, John for getting me jump-started with posting again.

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I like everything about this shot - the colors, the composition, the slight graininess that adds to the mood rather than detracting from it. Well done! I can see I'm going to want to check out your art as well - the word "fantasy" jumps out at me, for starters.

If you're looking for further inspiration for photoblogging, you make want to check out the Round Robin Photo Challenges. I don't want to be crass and leave the link here, but you can find it from my blog if you're interested.

I love the angle and style!

Very spooky photo. Cool.

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