November 25, 2008


Stone Henge Before Sunrise

MaryAnn and I bought RSC tickets many months in advance and when we knew the exact dates we were going to be in England, I wrote to the National Heritage organization and made an appointment to visit Stonehenge, or, the Stone Circle as National Heritage calls it. These appointments are for early in the morning, last one hour, and -- according to the NH website -- are restricted to *26 people* each hour. These time slots are very limited, and they fill up quickly as you can imagine.

Standing for a Long Time

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November 20, 2008

The Art of Tea

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.~ Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Tea Time at The Thistle Hotel

It's no secret that I am a Tea Drinker. I've never developed a taste for coffee and only rarely does brewing coffee even smell good to me. I am indifferent to coffee. If I'm out and can't get a decent cup of tea (and in the US, that is most of the time when I'm out of my house), I'll settle for a cup of hot chocolate.* And, despite what you may have heard here and there about my alcohol drinking habits, in times of emotional distress, or to soothe tiredness, or just lift my spirits, it's tea I want, every time.

Crabtree & Evelyn Tea

Tea soothes and stimulates. You can relax with a cup of tea. And when you're on vacation, there are few things so decadent and relaxing as being able to stop for a cup of tea whenever you want it, with whatever you want with it ... a scone, a gateau, a sandwich, something sweet, gooey, plain... Tea!

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November 17, 2008

The Art of Food and Drink

One often hears that "English food is terrible." I don't know what propaganda department still puts that about. I an assuming that this attitude about bad British victuals is a leftover from old WWII movies and the reports of veterans returning from being stationed there. The Brits had formal food rationing from January of 1940 until July 4, 1954! The American rationing ended in 1946, had only lasted 4 years and was never as severe as the British rationing. Of course, some of that belief could be from the lingering affection Brits have for the wartime ersatz food, like Spam and Bovril. Though, we should talk -- people here are still eating Velveeta and margerine -- and liking it!

In any event, the food we had in England was great. Fresh, delicious, well prepared and beautifully presented.

Our B&B in Stratford-upon-Avon, the Adelphi, had gourment breakfasts, prepared by Ellen and Martin:


The Adelphi

Every thing on the breakfast menu was lovely: fresh, produced locally and well-prepared. And there was a lot of variety -- not just the standard breakfast "fry up." Fish, mushroom on croissant with cheese, pancakes... lovely.

Ellen, Martin and Luis Bijan

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November 12, 2008

So, We're Back!

Just a quick note to say, I'm back. Trip to England over, report to the grant committee accomplished, and book coming along.

Here's what you can look forward to as I ease back into blogging in the coming weeks:

Wonderful photos from our trip, some of which will be for sale. Sample:


As well as some descriptive posts on the trip itself (summing up: Best. Vacation. Ever!)

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September 23, 2008


Update: OK, so I think all the links to the pictures and photographs are fixed now -- if you come across any that aren't fixed, or links that are messed up in some way, please let me know.

News: I'm still not going to be posting anything new for a few weeks and here's the reason why:


I and MaryAnn are going to be in England for about 10 days watching David Tennant in "Hamlet." Well, we won't be just watching David Tennant in "Hamlet" (dreamy as that might be)... we'll also be seeing him in "Love's Labour's Lost".. and tooling around the English countryside -- with a side trip to Cardiff and a dawn visit to Stonehenge! There will certainly be many photographs taken (though I doubt I'll break the Paris record of 2,634).

And I'll be back in Mid-October. Unless David Tennant meets me and asks me to stay with him forever. As is very likely to happen. (Well, it could happen!)

Cheery-bye for now!

August 7, 2008



After having someone point out to me that many of the links to my pictures were not working, and noticing that some other ones are improperly labelled, the site will be experiencing a work slow-down while some construction and repair work is undertaken.

You may experience intermittent delays in the uploading of art and wit and wisdom.

Hopefully, we will restore full Artworks in the near future.

Thank you for your patience.

August 4, 2008

Kokapelli: Art in Interesting Places


Not all my work appears on canvas or in sculpture form. This is a tattoo from my design. My cousin had asked me to prepare some sketches and drawings of Kokapelli and after several drafts, we worked together to make this one for her.

Now, I myself have no tattoos and never plan on having any. I don't even really have any desire for the temporary kind. But I have plenty of friends and relatives that have tattoos and some of them are quite lovely. One of my sisters has one that I designed for her and I have no objection to designing more of them for people. I just don't want to etch them, or watch them being etched on anyone's body.

Description: Kokapelli -- tattoo

Status: Sold.

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July 3, 2008

Paris or New York: Les Fleurs

From Korean grocery stores, to supermarkets, to high end designer florists, flowers of every type and every price range just seem to be everywhere in both Paris and New York.

Photograph A


Photograph B

So, which is which?

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Local Art Fridays: Hello, Lever House!

First of all, I don't get any adult's fascination with "Hello, Kitty!(TM)" or any other Japanese girl-child fad du generation!

Hello! Are you kidding?

But these "sculptures" on display at the Lever House really puzzle me. The piece above replaced the Damien Hirst "Virgin Mother," which, while disturbing, at least seemed... artistically proficient. This piece seems to mock Hirst's work, while not really looking like much of anything.

Are they just winding us up?

These "sculptures" just look kind of weird, and... watery.

Why do the bunnies weep?

They weep for us

So, I just have to say to the Lever House art director: Hello, Lever House!Honestly? What's up with this stuff?

Shouldn't they be scooping up field mice or something?

There will be more Lever House "art" in the next few weeks, since there are at least three new exhibits, including the weird What's Up With the Hello Kitty?stuff above.

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June 12, 2008

A Marshmellow Peep Forsees His Death

As mentioned in my blogging on Boskone 2008, there was an amazing amount of creativity surrounding the participation of the Con guests in grinding, mashing, smashing, crushing and many other methods of disposing of marshmellow peeps imaginable. I had my physical moment of peep slaughter:

Running of the Bulls at Peepoloma

And then there was the metaphysical, in which Con attendees were invited to compose a poem, based on the writings of any well-known poet. My contribution follows based on An Irish Airman Forsees His Death:

A Marshmallow Peep Meets His Death

by William Butler Yeats (apologies)

submitted by Bonnie-Ann Black

* * *
I know that I shall meet my Fate

Somewhere at Boskone, the Consuite of.

Those who grind me, I do not hate

Those who spare me, I do not love.

My country is a little pack

My country peeps chicks, ghosts & more

No microwave end can bring them life

Of make them sweeter than before

No cheering geeks nor Weber fans

Could save me from a gory end

I sweetened all, brought all to mind

A wasted Easter, the year ahead

A wasted Christmas, the year behind

In balance with this Con, these fans.

The rest of the wonderful, wacky and very erudite entries can be found on LiveJournal.

Although the witty Esther Friesner's contribution doesn't appear, I'm particularly fond of entries #14 and #16. I think they capture the true spirit of the enterprise.

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